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The Solution Focused Approach

The solution focused approach is a compassionate, powerful, hopeful and effective approach, that works with people to achieve their hoped for change. It places people as experts in their own their life's, whilst building on their existing strengths and capabilities to achieve their desired outcomes. 


The approach works with people to enable them to have a clear vision of how they want their life to be, how they would like things to be different. What their best hopes are for the future. So the presence of what's wanted, rather than the absence of what's not wanted. The approach also pays attention to what’s working already, about confirming it and building on it, and not about focusing on or analysing the problem.

SF was developed in the 1980’s in Milwaukee in America. The approach was developed as a model of therapy; however, it is now widely applied across, health, social care, educational settings. It can be applied in any setting, whether it be in an organisation, a community, groups, families, parenting, as well as for individuals. One of SF’s keys strengths is its focus on simplicity, which makes it so accessible as well as applicable in so many settings.

About Me

Tara Gretton, the founder of Solution Revolution (SR) is passionate in her belief that this approach is applicable at all levels of education and if introduced would enhance the experience of every child and their teachers.

She qualified as a Solution Focused (SF) Practitioner while working as a social worker and has seen first-hand how the technique can be used with children, young people and their families to support hoped for change, no matter how difficult the situation.

Solution Revolution has worked with most of the Primary and Secondary Schools across Bath, Bristol and Wiltshire, carrying out hugely successful 1:1 work, group work and staff training.
SR has a working relationship with the Bath and North East Somerset Local Authority and the Schools Sport Partnership Board to run a group work initiative called Active Solutions.

This brings SF and sport together and this is being delivered in several Bath primary schools. This project is in the process of being increased and the positive impact on the children has been celebrated by the schools.

Tara feels passionately about her local community and over the past year has expanded her group work mode for children and young people to include drama and production with local notable actors and DJ’s, all with the aim of increasingly children and young people’s self-belief.


Tara is a huge of advocate of Youth Involvement and works alongside organisations such as Boys in Mind, Girls Mind Too and The UK Association for Solution focused Practitioners to bring young people's voices genuinely to the decision making within schools and the solution focused community. Tara is currently working to offer greater training opportunities to young people in the Solution Focused Approach. 

Tara also runs a private practice working with children, young people and adults from her home in Bath. Where Tara provides solution focused therapy and coaching.

Tara is an associate for the leading organisation Solution Focused Trainers and delivers a level 3 Certificate SF course in Bath, which lead to accreditation.

Tara also works with organisations in an consultative  manner to support them to achieve their best hopes for their business and staff.


Tara is also a professional coach; supporting people to be at their best and to notice their existing strengths and successes. 


What I offer

In all schools and colleges:

1:1 Solution focused therapy, mentoring and coaching – Tara Gretton has extensive experience of working in primary and secondary schools using the solution focused approach with individuals. The solution focused approach can be applied to any issues, including issues with behaviour, anxiety and exam stress.

Group Work – Tara is very passionate about solution focused group work. Tara uses the group work model alongside another activity, such as yoga, basketball, drama, djing and craft. The combination enables children and young people to build their self-efficacy not only through talking but with a fun activity as well. This has been piloted Combe Down Primary, Newbridge Primary and Westfield Primary in Bath and North East Somerset with huge success and positive outcomes for the children and young people.

Restorative Work and Conflict Resolution – The solution focused approach offers the opportunity for people experiencing conflict to say what they want instead.  Rather than dwelling on the conflict, solution focused conflict resolution asks: “What would prefer instead of the conflict?”. It’s about the presence of what is wanted, rather than the absence of what isn’t wanted.

Training for all staff - in the solution focused language, ‘making conversation possible’. Tara beliefs that the solution focused approach can be adopted across schools; SF can create a language and culture of hope and possibility. The SF approach can support schools to manage behaviour, support mental health and invite children and young people to belief in themselves, so they can reach their full potential.

For Families: - Tara runs a private practice from her home in Bath, where she provides 1:1 therapy and coaching for adults, children and families.

Solution Focused Trainers - Tara is an associate for the leading organisation Solution Focused Trainers and delivers a level 3 Certificate SF course in Bath. This course runs twice a year and can lead to accreditation.

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Andrea Arlidge

CEO of The Wellsway Multi Academy Trust

"Tara’s work at Wellsway, and with partner local schools, has been highly successful. She has used the Solution Focussed approach in many different contexts where it has had a significant impact. She has done some excellent restorative work with students and families and has also introduced the approach to staff groups, where it has proved to be equally beneficial. She is a highly skilled practitioner who is an excellent colleague to work with"

Ann Wilson


"Tara at Solution Revolution has a natural talent for making you feel at ease and important. Her genuine compassion drives her to help young people overcome their challenges. My son has taken part in some of their music workshops and they helped improve his confidence and self esteem. I highly recommend the benefits of solution focused work and especially when Tara is behind it

Vickie Wood


"Tara is brilliant at working with young people, gaining their trust and helping them to build their self confidence, happiness and resilience"

Jackie Ainsworth


"Tara is an amazing practitioner. Her approach is both warm and gentle and that has helped moved emotional mountains in a very short period of time. Thank you xx"


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