Adopting the solution focused technique in schools


Small change leads to big change

I work in local schools, with children and young people, to work alongside them to achieve their hoped for change. To support them to be agents of their own change and to build their self-efficacy. 


I also provide training in the solution focused technique, so that schools can adopt it and use it themselves.

I've worked with more than 15 schools in the past six years and have found this ground-breaking work incredibly rewarding.


Using the solution focused technique in schools has proven to be highly effective, and I've had extremely positive feedback from both the students and staff I have worked with.

The solution focused approach works alongside people for them to have a clear vision and of their hoped for change and works with them to build on their existing strengths and capabilities to achieve a preferred future. 

I have found it is possible to develop a culture where students can learn to manage and support their own emotional wellbeing and not always depend on a professional. Students quickly begin to understand that it is important to talk about their emotional wellbeing, however that they also have the capacity to manage their own feelings.

Results are generally seen within six sessions or less.  Staff I have worked with say students are more relaxed, more willing to open up and engage, they have greater insight into their emotions, and a stronger vocabulary to translate their feelings intro strengths and capabilities to support their own emotional well-being. 

Case Study: Beechen Cliff School, Bath

Since 2019, I worked with Beechen Cliff School to introduce the solution focused approach across the whole school, working with students in their lower school and in their sixth form. School leaders were so impressed with the results of this initial partnership that they are now rolling the SF technique out across the school, where we are training all staff in the solution focused approach and inviting parents to be involved with training as well. Beechen Cliff now considers itself due to the huge success of implementing the approach a 'Solution Focused School'. 

What the staff at Beechen Cliff have really noticed, is how the solution-focused approach really builds on the students existing resilience. And with this outcome-focused approach, the students are able to grow from the inside out, noticing their own existing strengths and resources, to be able to achieve their best hopes and support their own mental wellbeing.


This is fantastic news for both the school, and the solution-focused approach. Beechen Cliff have taken a ground-breaking step towards changing the way problems are addressed in schools, moving from the typical problem-focused language to a solution-focused approach to helping their students.


In the video below, see how the solution focused approach has changed the culture of the school.  

“Tara has been working with Beechen Cliff for nine months, and, since September, directly with Sixth Formers. Her approach is really gathering momentum, as staff and students alike see benefits. Students have given high praise of their sessions with Tara and have been able to move, within a short time-span, to feel better about themselves and see their strengths. We are looking forward to seeing further benefits and to developing it further across the school.”

James Oldham, Head of Sixth, Beechen Cliff